Key Resource Associates


Key Resource Associates was created to deliver exceptional candidates at a cost savings to our clients.


Your Company's success Is As Important As Ours 

Many company's have reduced support staff that once handled the hiring process in order to remain competitive in today's market.  This has placed a greater burden on business owners and manager's who need to be focused on operations and other revenue-generating aspects of the business.  Engaging a recruiter may initially seem to be an additional cost, but diverting large amounts of time to the to the recruitment process will have a negative impact on your company's bottom line.  KRA's extremely competitive options will reduce the cost associated with making that next strategic hire.

Reasons To Work With A Professional Recruiter

Recruiting the right staff takes time, outsourcing recruitment allows you to focus on your core business.

You can also spend more time on developing and retaining your existing staff.

A recruitment agency has access to a larger pool of candidates who may not know about your firm or have considered working for you.  They have relationships with passive job seekers who may be a better fit with your organization.

Recruitment Consultants are usually better trained in interviewing and screening candidates, it's their profession, they do it all day.

Low Risk!  Under the contingency search option you may interview as many candidates as you like while only paying a fee once you choose to hire.

Specialist recruiters will better determine suitability and fit as they interact with these types of candidates every day.

When you add up the hours spent and opportunity costs, using a recruitment agency is more cost effective than undertaking your own recruitment.

Maintain confidentiality, don't give away your competitive edge.  By undertaking your own recruiting you offer your competitors insight into your company's direction and success.  You can keep all this information confidential by using a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies can also offer support and advice on salaries, market trends and availability.

Recruitment is what we do - so we do it well, and we do it fast.  Our consultants have a real passion for what they do and they know how to do the best possible job in the quickest possible time.